Wall Street giants find low interest rates eating into their core business

Banks are especially sensitive to interest rates because they collect higher interest from loans, while offering lower interest for deposits. With interest rates overall falling, it's gotten harder for banks to eke out significant profits from their interest-dependent business lines. That's the bad news for shareholders. The good news is that some of the conglomerate banks are finding other ways to make money.

Softbank's Vision Fund: A 300-year vision with a case of myopia

This member-only article was unlocked for you by Kevin Kelleher. Unlock expires 1 day, 23 hours from now. For unlimited access to all of Pando, become a Pando member for just $10 a month. For decades, Silicon Valley venture capital has operated on the principle that bigger is not always better. The dot-com bust left seasoned VCs with scars that still serve as a reminder that simply throwing money into emerging technologies isn't enough – it's identifying, and nurturing, the promising startups that works best.

Japan Has a Radically Different Approach to AI

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the automobile — that most American of possessions — is being remade. Self-driving cars from Google’s new Waymo subsidiary will hit the streets next year. Tesla’s fully automated cars will arrive in 2018. Uber is testing its own self-driving fleet in Pittsburgh. More than a dozen other companies have AI-powered vehicles in the works. Conspicuously left out out from the self-driving car boom has been Japanese auto makers.
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